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Guide to paying for articles

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Article acceptance conditions:

The title of the new article is taken from the content of the article and is appropriate to the process of scientific developments, research background and study.
The content of the article is completely taken from all the sources mentioned in the sources and references section of the article; Therefore, enter the selected content in the resources section as you have viewed and studied each of those sources.
The research process is fully in line with the procedures outlined in the article.
The accuracy of specialized data is based on the research and study activities of the author or authors of the article.
Conclusions and sources are completely specific to this article and have been prepared based on the principles governing this chapter.
A similar article should not have previously been published in another journal or even in a foreign language and has not been submitted to other journals at the same time.
Writing a list of Persian sources in English: All authors are required to submit an article in alphabetical order


The editorial board of the journal is free to reject or accept the received articles.
The order of arrangement of approved articles for publication will be in the opinion of the editorial board of the journal.
The cost of printing the article should be paid online from the magazine system. The cost of printing an article is 3,000,000, which is estimated at 1,500,000 in the two stages of the initial review and 1,500,000 before the final printing.